The Urban Land Institute works to bring together public officials, civic and environmental activists, and leaders from development and business interests to create human-scale, livable, cohesive communities that respect economic, environmental and quality of life objectives,” says ULI president Richard M. Rosan. “Our Smart Growth programs foster a collaborative process in which citizens decide how and where their region will grow.

In 1997, ULI and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency convened the first national Partners for Smart Growth conference in Baltimore, Md. Among the dozens of partners who have joined the coalition building effort are the National Association of Home Builders, the Conservation Fund, the Trust for Public Lands, the National Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Counties.

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Today more than a dozen regions, including Washington, D.C., are using smart growth programs to create a positive dialog to find solutions to sprawl. In December 2000, the ULI-fostered Washington, D.C. initiative was formalized.

The Smart Growth Alliance is a coalition of local Washington, D.C., civic, business, and environmental organizations that have pledged to work together on smart growth solution to combat sprawl and enhance the quality of life in urban regions,” says ULI Washington District Council Chairman David Mayhood. Alliance members include the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Greater Washington Board of Trade, the local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders and the ULI District Council.