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The property conveyancing services are also used for community real estate gaming properties. Trust chief executive Wayne Marriott said a display and signs had been put up on the Trafalgar St side of the new building to show the public where the museum's new home would be.

The July 2002 report, prepared for the council by Montgomery Watson Harza, says about 497 lots exist in the proposed rural three zone, and about 1000 potential lots could be developed. The zone takes in two coastal sections of the district, from about Redwood Valley to Dominion Rd, and from behind Ruby Bay as far as the Kina peninsula, which are currently zoned rural one, rural two or rural residential.

The council will decide later this month whether to go ahead with the rural three proposals, which is aimed at allowing more development in these desirable rural areas through cluster subdivisions, which would preserve large amounts of open green space.

The Nelson Provincial Museum is on the move, and now the signs are up to prove it. A building on the corner of Hardy and Trafalgar Sts was purchased for $3.1 million by the Tasman Bays Heritage Trust last year so the museum could relocate from Isel Park in Stoke.