Washington, DC; Raymond E. Braun, senior vice president at Economics Research Associates, Los Angeles; Herbert McLaughlin, head of design and research at KMD Architects, San Francisco; Patrick L. Phillips, president, Economics Research Associates, Washington, DC; and Michael S. Rubin, president, MRA International, Philadelphia.

Destination developments offer a combination of entertainment, dining and retail anchors—the “trinity of synergy,” within a pedestrian-oriented and multiuse environment. These amenities operate independently but complement each other, drawing visitors from overlapping markets, at different times of day and different days of the week. This is what distinguishes destination developments from other forms of retail development.

" Whereas traditional shopping malls of the 1960s and 1970s tended to be rational and functional in design, in today’s destination developments, the unconventional manipulation of design variables such as materials, scale, composition, and context is used to evoke a feeling of excitement, energy and creativity,” the publication explains

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The purpose of the roundtable, held at the Washington headquarters of the American Institute of Architects, was to provide a forum in which a diverse group could explore mutually acceptable alternatives to sprawl, said ULI President Richard Rosan.