Under the new laws, trading will be legal throughout Victoria 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with Christmas Day and Good Friday the only exceptions. The Government has agreed to implement our proposals in full, a tribute to the political management skills of Peter Clarke, our Victorian Executive Director.

Already they've started to use highly emotional arguments to push their case. That's why Jeff Kenneth has asked the Property Council to generate as much public support as possible for this move. Please help us by communicating the benefits of customer-focused trading with retailers and consumers through local media and your centres.

Even better, the Knox Report provides us with a great opportunity to achieve our aim of greater deregulation of trading hours in Queensland. Today, the Government briefed us on the Knox Inquiry recommendations, which are: maintain status quo on extended trading hours; Sunday trading to be approached through the Industrial Relations Commission rather than through the political process; and an acknowledgement that deregulation is inevitable through the National Competition Reforms.

Again, opposition is emotional and persuasive. We need to do everything possible to link our campaign with consumer demands. Your help is vital. The Government has set October 15 as decision day - our work is cut out for us till then as the Government has to be convinced the community really wants extended hours. A decent property conveyancer ought to keep you educated of every last one of advancements.