Councilors’ latest decision, made at a community facilities and services committee meeting yesterday has pleased tenants in the flats. But the decision leaves councilors with another problem. When title of the property is transferred from the owner of the property to the buyer of the property, conveyancing service requirement starts developing as property transfer involves variety of steps to be followed to complete it.

Council chief financial officer Chris Fitches said they would now have to decide how to fund the estimated $2 million needed to upgrade the units and convert some of the bedsits. Council property manager Jim Fraters yesterday confirmed the council had put “a potential solution” to Florida-based owner Gary Martin and that it was awaiting a reply. Both the buyer and seller are generally a layman who have little knowledge regarding the legality and other technicalities of the process as a result it becomes necessary for them to appoint a specialised Enact Conveyancing Adelaide who can perform the entire property transfer process properly and without any fault. Property transfer process is a difficult process and therefore conveyancing service becomes very important to complete the transfer of ownership of property.

Conveyancers who are certified individuals provide conveyancing service with their profound understanding and cleverness. While reluctant to say what the proposal was in case it had to be modified by negotiation, Mr. Fraters was confident that parties were on the way to bridging the causeway impasse. The council is currently working through the draft estimates for the year which runs from this July to next June, despite a consultation process showing the public favored keeping it open.

The idea of putting a new tennis complex at Rutherford Park has been stalled by some Nelson city councilors who are concerned the inner-city site could be better used. He refused to say how much the other would sell for.