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They need greater certainty about where something will be built and where it won't," McMahon said. "Through predictability, you can overcome mistrust."

Long-range planning is essential to determine not only where homes and roads will be built, but where open space must be preserved, noted Charles Ruma, representing the National Association of Home Builders in Washington."Where is the next Rock Creek Park (a national park in Washington) going to be?" Ruma asked. "We need to know what's ahead." With the U.S. population expected to increase by more than 37 million over the next 15 years, "no growth is "not an option," Ruma said, noting that to meet this demand, at least 1.5 million new units need to be built each year. However, without more flexible zoning regulations and more tax incentives, it is unlikely that sufficient housing will be made available, he said.

The group acknowledged the difficulty of finding broad-based smart growth solutions. “There are no national answers because different regions require different solutions,” said Brian W. Blaesser, chairman of the growth issues subcommittee of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties. “We are a nation that promotes the idea of individual identity and the right for each of its citizens to choose where to live and work.

While growth problems must be solved at the local and regional level, the federal government can support these efforts by providing more consistent and more coordinated funding, participants noted.