When you look at doing infill, it may be more expensive, but there is more funding from the public sector. Construction in the suburbs may cost less, but you're going to bear more of the cost for roads and sewers," he said

Kevin Olson, a partner with Steptoe and Johnson in Phoenix, Ariz., and chair of an Arizona Transportation Committee, cautioned that the focus on TOD as the "cure for sprawl" may lead to some short-changing of projects in which more roads would actually be more effective. Despite the professed desire of younger workers for close-in, connected, mixed-use, "carless" living and working arrangements, it can be difficult to gauge how many people will actually use public transit as the primary means of getting around

There is not enough comparison of how many people would be better served by (development around) extra roads or tied to public transit. Without this, we are relying a lot on gut feelings, and that is not a true measurement of effectiveness," he said.

Destination real estate developments have resulted from the convergence of trends in real estate development, the retailing and entertainment sectors, consumer behavior, and the revitalization of cities nationwide, according to the publication.

Developers are seeking new strategic real estate models to compete against the burgeoning value-oriented retail sector; entertainment and lifestyle-oriented retailers are looking to expand in more competitive locations and configurationsproperty conveyancing services , and municipalities are hoping to attract suitable developments to strengthen urban revitalization efforts.