They are conflicted by their success. When they shop, they want to show they are not corrupted by money. One downsmanship is very big with them." Because Bobos perceive themselves as artistic and intellectual, they seeking "total experiences" that provide interaction than simply paying for the product, he said.

The theme for the month-long observance is "Planning and Action for Quality." During April, cities across America will be taking action to increase public awareness by conducting special events to discuss current and emerging city issues, formulate city plans for solutions and begin to improve quality during the next decade. Cities will be agreeing on key projects to be accomplished by the year 2010 or other specified date and committing to implement them.

Held last week in Beverly Hills, Calif., the conference focused on trends in destination real estate, which has evolved into multi-purpose developments that might offer any combination of retail, restaurants, public spaces, cultural centers, museums, science centers, health clubs, recreation centers, theaters, sports parks, offices, hotel space, or, in some cases, housing.

Well-designed destination real estate that combines uniqueness and convenience appeals to the new class of affluent consumers called bourgeois bohemians, or "Bobos," said conference keynote speaker David Brooks, author of the novel Bobos in Paradise and a senior editor of The Weekly Standard in Washington, D.C.

The mentality of Bobos combines the desire to make plenty of money and with the desire to be creative, cutting edge and rebellious, Brooks said. commercial property conveyancing They demonstrate their cultural sophistication by buying "pretentious items that look used" and prefer shopping in "stores that don't look like stores," he noted.